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Walter Sellick began making his own business following a long connection with a Ford Tractor dealer. He began by transforming an industrial tractor provided by Ford Tractor. He transformed it into a 6000 pound forklift to be used outdoors. What is currently regarded as the turn-around tractor series consists of a counterweight design and basic sub-frame and a mast.

The heavy duty lifts have evolved in their design and construction. During the year 1975, an integral one-piece frame concept was introduced across all model lines. The standard Ford Tractor power train became retrained as the basic power module for the majority of units. The market was for Sellick straight mast rough terrain forklifts were well established. The new design along with the state of the art technology paved the way to hugely increased sales in the start of the 1980s.

Another new component was added to all machine during 1987. Featured in this series was the Continental, Ford and Perkins engine options which came with shift-on-the-go transmissions. In addition, the See Thru roller masts together with the low profile SG Series and the SD series came onto the market. The introduction of the 12,000 pound SD Series during the late 1990s along with the optional fully automatic Power-shift transmission featured the technology for the new millennium.

The TMF-55 Truck Mounted Lift Truck was introduced during the year 1995. This machine features 5500 pound capacity. This model is powered by a choice of Deutz or Perkins diesel engine. This particular design vastly maximizes the complete delivery system-trailer, truck and driver and really reduces turn-around time to a minimum. The TMF-55 simply and easily loads itself on the back of a trailer or a truck. This particular design saves huge cargo space and eliminates the need for towing a trailer.

During the year 2002, Sellick Equipment Limited became North America's only distributer of the JCB Teletruck. This variable reach industrial forklift helps to fill out the material handling products selection. It offers supreme versatility and a unique forward reach.

During 2004, Sellick launched the S Series of ergonomically friendly forklifts. These models focused a great deal on operator comfort and safety. The company has launched a new era of production and top of the line forklift design.

  • Start-up of the forklift business A nationwide expansion of the industrial machines industry was promoted by Korea in the latter part of the 1960s. At that time, the Korean forklift market was an open-import situation. Korea Machinery Co., Ltd. started to bring in assembled forklifts and sell them to big businesses, the armed forces and state-run corporations. During 1976, Korea Machinery Co., Ltd. merged with Daewoo Heavy Industries Ltd. The corporation established sales and service outlets throughout the nation and, a few years later, opened its very own forklift production plant. Product development and quality improvement through continuous technical training were the main focus of the plant. Expansion of forklift exports Daewoo Heavy Industries Ltd.'s market share of the domestic forklift business quickly increased to 90 percent. By the 1980s, the sales of the company increases and technological improvements had drawn the interest of Caterpillar Industrial Inc., an American company. The two companies entered a joint-venture project in the early part of the 1980s to deal with competition faced by Caterpillar in the US forklift market. The forklift sales of Daewoo skyrocketed and another plant was built during 1984. Daewoo Heavy Industries Ltd. was then in a position to make forklifts intended for export. In the early part of the 90s, Daewoo went international with a worldwide sales network. New models were developed as an independent brand name utilizing Korean technology. Development of new models The G5 series was the first series of proprietary models, developed during the year 1998. These models were 1800 kg - 3000 kg internal combustion trucks. A research effort developed core technologies for transmissions, engines and hydraulic systems. A lot of performance and durability tests have validated the quality of this new family of trucks. The company established reliability evaluation centers to guarantee the reliability of main components. These centers have obtained global respect. The G5 series is famous for low environmental impact and operator comfort. The G5 is known all over the world for being operator friendly, reliable and durable. The series rated high amongst clients in large-scale, after sales surveys as part of a consumer-oriented marketing strategy for these models. More

  • Hyster is amongst the most thorough companies within the material handling industry, offering a responsive and comprehensive "after-sale" support. This support adds very much to the value of your brand new Hyster forklift. Like for instance, the North American Hyster dealer network consists of more than 240 authorized places with an average of over 32 years of experience in the industry. These dealers are meticulously selected, and the people they employ are their greatest asset. Hyster partners up with dealers which are willing to make vital investments in people, infrastructure and people so as to remain your first choice for material handling solutions. Hyster is dedicated to provide the best machine within the industry. In addition, Hyster dealers are experts which are able to assist you to choose the right forklift for your particular application. What's more, the dealers understand your business firsthand. They also have many financing plans available to help you attain your objective. Hyster offers an efficient and dependable parts department, that allows for the access to UNISOURCE parts, maintenance, convenient repairs, skilled mechanics in addition to operator training and service. Fully equipped service vehicles are capable of bringing you responsive support really fast. These features help to keep your business up and running. What's more, there are 30,000 fleet contracts under management as well as roughly 14,000 rental units; therefore, Hyster understands how to successfully manage your fleet at the most economical operational costs. Unrivaled Heritage The Hyster Company has a lot of innovative product designs and continues to lead the material handling industry. There are presently over 130 forklift truck unit offerings available either powered by electric, LPG, diesel or gasoline. These units vary in capacity from 2,000 pounds to 115,000 pounds. This makes Hyster the only forklift maker within the business to offer you total solutions to all of your material handling needs, regardless if you are indoor, boxcar, outdoor, narrow-aisle, container handling and order-picking applications. Hyster has their Special Products Engineering Department or SPED for short, who could offer you a solution if you need any kind of customized attachments for your business or other kind of specialized machinery. What's more, Hyster has a Warehouse Products team which could provide you with automated guidance vehicles customized to your specific operational needs. Hyster also has available automated turret trucks. The Warehouse Products Group is helpful for offering you consulting services. More

  • In the telehandler business, SkyTrak telehandlers are among the top selling machines. SkyTrak's machines are reliable and user friendly machinery capable of various material handling tasks. SkyTrak has become among the industry's top brands of telehandlers and have become amongst the most popular around. Telehandlers from SkyTrak all come with a Cummins engine and 3 steering modes which provides for improved power and maneuverability required to handle any terrain or jobsite. The patented Stabil-Trak system offers drivers with improved overall stability and utmost confidence. As well, each SkyTrak unit could be equipped with many types of attachments in order to maintain high output. SkyTrak Telehandlers SkyTrak's telehandlers are made to work the way people work. These equipment are extremely effective and offer all-wheel steering that is a perfect match of hardworking equipment for hard working people. These kinds of machinery are designed and engineered with ease of use and simplicity in mind in order to provide you with the power and efficiency you need when you require it. SkyTrak has earned the reputation as being an industry workhorse. These industrial machines withstand the most hostile and toughest terrain. These units are stable and work well in the harshest environments and under pressure. SkyTrak provides load-sensing hydraulics, a solid steel frame, joystick controls and numerous other performance boosting things. SkyTrak has 5 various lift units which offer as much as 54 feet of lift height and almost 10,000 lbs. of lifting capacity. These types of machines are high performance in order for you to do the task when you must complete it. They offer lower total operating expenses compared to the other brands and this is just amongst the numerous features which has made SkyTrak North America's best selling brand. Check out your local dealer in order to experience firsthand how these machines have earned such a solid reputation in the industry. Features on all SkyTrak Telehandlers: All SkyTrak telehandlers come with specific features, like a modulated 4-speed transmission for better production and maneuverability, sealed bearings to lessen maintenance costs and extend service intervals and a huge range of attachments which can handle jobsite difficulties and add extra versatility to the machinery. As well, the specific machinery design of SkyTrak Telehandlers eliminates the requirement for liquid-filled tires. The cab has been re-designed to improve operator comfort and improve safety. These are only among the key issues that have been designated standard by SkyTrak and have helped them become a leader within the industry. More

  • Manitex LiftKing is a lift truck manufacturer within North America that provides a complete line of Heavy Material Handling Transporters, RT Lift Trucks, Steel Mill machines and Special Mission Oriented Vehicles that are highly particular in addition to Carriers. Ever since the year 1968, the company has been operating out of Woodbridge, Toronto. At their headquarters, they have a group of over 100 employees committed to the designing and making of their machines. Over the years, the corporation has earned a positive reputation for offering excellent products. They have always met the price points, delivery, ergonomics and specifications in the Material Handling industry. For more than 30 years, the corporation has been delivering quality equipment to the marketplace. Previously called Veri-Tek International Corp., LiftKing Industries merged with Manitex International in November 2006. They specialized mostly in engineering different lift machinery. Under the ticker symbol "MNTX", Manitex International, Inc. is currently traded on the NASDAQ stock exchange LiftKing makes a lineup of rugged Telescopic Rough Terrain Lift Trucks, Straight Mast machinery and Trailer Mounted Rough Terrain Lift trucks. These heavy industrial equipment machines are typically used for commercial and military operations. They provide a total line of special-purpose, innovative, all-terrain vehicles which are mission-oriented. These types of machines offer unequaled capabilities under the ATVking name brand. The vehicles made by Manitex LiftKing vary from 300 ton shipyard transporters to 5000 pound trailer mounted units to 25 ton military lift trucks. Every model performs exceptionally and is efficient and dependable. LiftKing has grown into a leader in the material handling industry of North America. They make a complete line of Specialized Carriers, Steel Mill Equipment products, Highly Specialized Mission Oriented Vehicles as well as a wide variety of Rough Terrain or RT Forklifts. Manitex is as diversified as their customer base. Manitex LiftKing boasts more than 6000 various units operating around the world. They have over 170 Dealer locations which service and sell Manitex LiftKing models all over the world. The extremely knowledgeable dealers can help fix any issues and specialize in lessening any downtime. They truly want you get back to work as fast as possible and achieve your bottom line. More

  • Work platforms which are utilized to raise and lower individuals, materials and equipment for loading and work positioning are also referred to as lifts. These kinds of equipment are often used in automotive, construction, telecommunications, power and electrical service, garage service, painting, cable and wire industries, manufacturing, and inventory management, along with various other uses. These kinds of machinery work to safely and efficiently provide access to above ground areas. Lifts may be actuated with ratcheting and foot pumping, electrical motors, screw drives, air motors, as well as pneumatic air cylinders. Lifts are able to be broken down into a range of specific kinds. This equipment can be compared by the kinds of things they are designed to lift, their platform or deck style and their particular mounting style. Some of the common lift types consist of: personnel lifts, pallet or fork lifts, dock lifts, boom lifts, truck lift gates and table lifts. Positioners and table lifts are generally used to lift and position work pieces for ergonomic access. In addition, they can also be utilized for lifting or loading supplies and load positioning. Forklifts or pallet lifts are most often utilized to handle loads on pallets which are raised from to the floor to a position for storage height or utilized for working both loading or unloading. These lifts can comprise automated, motorized, manual and walking forklifts. Truck lift gates are particularly designed for loading trucks. Typically, they mount onto or near the truck's back or bed and are often used for lifting loads up to or above the bed surface. Personnel lifts as the name implies are designed to raise and lower employees to perform jobs at heights. These machinery would typically have lower weight capacities compared to other kinds of lifts. These lifts are normally ringed by safety devices and supports in order to protect the working operators, and those who are working on them. This classification includes boom lifts that specialize in working in high areas like elevated wire repair and installation, and ceiling welding. Dock lifts are utilized to lower and raise personnel and loads in areas such as loading docks. More

  • In 1917, the first forklift truck within the globe was invented by Clark. Since then, Clark has been a worldwide leader in the manufacture and supply of forklifts. The technological advancements of the company have time and again revolutionized the world's materials handling industry. Now, Clark has manufactured over 1 million units. Different kinds of forklifts that vary from 1500 to 8000 kilograms capacities are made by Clark. Lift trucks include gas, electric and diesel forklifts. Clark engineers lift trucks for outdoor and indoor use on semi-improved surfaces. Applications include manufacturing, warehousing, lumber handling and storage yards. Clark also makes electric reach models for narrow aisles as well as electric tow tractors. Clark Electric Reach Trucks Clark electric reach trucks are designed with 100% AC technology for optimum efficiency and performance while enjoying less operating costs. Clark electric reach trucks have from 1000 - 2500 kilogram capacities. They are best for modern narrow aisle applications that require performance and reliability. Clark Internal Combustion Forklifts Clark's selection of diesel and gas forklifts range from 2000 - 8000 kilogram capacities. These trucks have durable pneumatic and cushion tire choices. They are best used for demanding manufacturing, warehousing, and materials handling environments. Clark Electric Forklifts Clark's 100% AC, electric lift trucks are reliable in demanding manufacturing and distribution applications. They are ergonomically designed for utmost operator comfort and safety. Clark "E-volution" Range These days, Clark is leading the way in an E-volution of forklifts. The oldest name within the business is making electric models which are extremely efficient for a greener world. Clark Tow Tractor The Clark CTX40/70 electric tow tractor has a 4000 to 7000 kilogram nominal towing capacity. This model is effective and reliable for transporting multiple trailer loads. The Clark tow tractor is designed with a safe and comfortable operator's compartment. The tow tractor promises consistent reliability and durability. More

  • In order to lessen forklift maintenance, frequent inspections can help you save significantly over the long haul use of your machinery. The standing joke in the industry is a forklift technician coining the saying "Pay me now, or pay me later," since it usually costs more to procrastinate when it comes to forklifts. For example, the minor fixes that are not repaired can eventually turn into costly repairs. Tilt Cylinders If they are left unchecked, oil leaks are a very serious concerns. On a regular basis, the machine should be checked for oil leaks and/or damage. Oil leaks can lead to really dangerous uncontrolled movement of the mast. Whether the leaks are outside or in the cylinder, the outcome could result in cylinder drift and loss of vital fluid. When leaks or damage are detected, you typically would need to replace the seals or the whole cylinder assembly. Chains Be sure to pay attention because you don't want mast lift chains to stretch beyond acceptable limits. Watch carefully for any signs of damage or wear and tear. Frequently check a chain wear gauge so as to monitor the wear. If the chain is worn beyond 2 percent or rusted, you must replace the chain. Following these tips would help keep your machinery functioning optimally. Mast When operating the lift control lever, the mast needs to be moved down and up smoothly, making sure to inspect if the mast is moving smoothly forwards and backwards. You might have to lubricate the mast strip sliding surfaces if the sliding surfaces are binding. Also lubricate their fittings, because there is a fitting located on either side of the inner mast. The lift bracket side rollers are one more lubrication spot. Forks The tines need to be checked for wear, cracks and damage because cracked or worn forks can fail with out any warnings. Of course, any damaged fork means immediately taking the truck out of service. If the cracks are deeper than just on the surface, they have to be replaced because they truly can't be safely fixed. More

  • After spending many years working together with his brother to be able to establish their crane manufacturing corporation into a leader of the industry, John L. Grove decided to retire. John as well as his wife Cora celebrated their retirement by setting out on a cross-country journey using their recreational vehicle. After that journey, JLG Industries, Inc. emerged and became the global leading producer of mobile aerial work platforms and specialized material handling machines. During the R.V. trip, John spent much of the time talking to prior business associates who the Groves stopped to visit along their trip. Sadly, while they were visiting the Hoover Dam, 2 workers were accidentally electrocuted on scaffolding. Through following conversations, John discovered a big untapped market for a equipment that could quickly and safely lift people into the air to be able to perform maintenance and construction work. When John and his wife returned from the journey, John decided to take action. He and two dear friends formed a business and afterward purchased a small metal fabrication company within McConnellsburg, Pennsylvania. In 1970, with an initial crew of 20 workers, the trio built and sold the very first JLG aerial work platform. Numerous components of the basic design elements of that original machinery are still being integrated into the existing equipment Since John L. Grove first came back into town from his cross-country journey, the company has come a very long way. They have dramatically grown ever since their first aerial work platform originally debuted on the marketplace. Even these days, JLG continues to expand into additional global markets. A lot of innovative machinery are designed to help clients be more effective and work safer. JLG has remained dedicated to being the leader in the industry. The company takes operator comfort into consideration very seriously. They attempt to deliver in performance, in addition to safety and overall comfort so that the driver could be as productive as possible. More

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