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Stock Number: EQC012374
Make: Skyjack
Model: SJ1056
Year: 2018
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Stock Number: 600017
Make: Terex
Model: CTT 121A-5 TS16
Year: 2015
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Stock Number: 600194
Make: Potain
Model: HDT80
Year: 2007
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Stock Number: EQU010604
Make: Hyundai
Model: 110D-7E
Year: 2013
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Stock Number: 231276
Make: Miller
Model: Big Blue 400D
Year: 2012
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Stock Number: EQU008108
Make: Combilift
Model: C12000SL
Year: 2008
2008 Combilift C12000SL Details
TCM Lifts

TCM Lifts

There are two standard types of lift trucks, units which run on gas and units that run on electricity:

Internal Combustion Forklifts: The IC Forklifts run on gas, liquid propane, compressed natural gas or CNG or diesel. The gas powered models are made to be used outdoors because they release gases and pollutants which could be dangerous if inhaled. Models which run on gasoline are also great to be utilized in the rain and in bad weather conditions. These models could lift weights roughly 15,000 to 35,000 pounds. Due to the fuel costs and maintenance, the gas powered units are much more costly to use compared to units that run on electricity, although, they cost less up front than electric powered units. The liquid propane models are the best choice to be used in indoor applications.

Electric Forklifts: The electric forklift models are powered by very big batteries that should be recharged. The vehicles do not produce any polluting air emissions as these models do not burn any fuel. They are the right option for indoor applications and warehouses. Also, electric lift trucks do not need any fuel storage units and they are much quieter to run than other units. Amongst the disadvantages of electric powered units is that they can not lift cargo over 15,000 pounds and thus, have a slower acceleration compared to the units which use gasoline.

Lift trucks are specially designed to quickly and easily transport heavy loads with ease. Like the case with most kinds of equipments, unfortunately, forklift accidents do occur regularly. There are specific safety rules which must be followed to be able to keep everyone safe. The most vital problem is recruiting a qualified operator, who could show you a valid forklift license.

There are numerous different styles of lift trucks available on the market. Choosing which one is right for your specific needs would be based on the kinds of loads which you need to transport, what type of environment your machine will have to operate in, for instance, indoors or outdoors or both. When you know your specific needs, it would be very easy to match up to the right type of forklift. When you understand all your requirements exactly you could make an accurate choice.

One more great way to get first hand experience on the various forklift units is the try leasing your lift truck. This will also allow you to see all the possible choices available to you. This is a less expensive way to determine if the equipment you have chosen could keep up with you on the job location.

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