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Model: CTT 121A-5 TS16
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Year: 2008
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Yale Narrow Reach Forklifts

Yale Narrow Reach Forklifts

Yale makes a great selection of Narrow Aisle lift trucks which can help to make best use of a companies storage density. Suitable for case picking and pallet handling, these very narrow aisle lift trucks could used in spaces of 16 feet to 55 feet. Yale spotlights the NTA for high density warehousing that needs maximum throughput. These kinds of trucks are usually utilized to improve overall productivity and maximize effectiveness. They work well for places that feature floor to ceiling storage in retail and warehousing spaces.

NTA Production Enhancements
AC Motor Technology: The AC motor offers lots of great features such as responsive directional changes, has smooth rapid acceleration and high starting torque.

CANbus Controller: The CANbus technology can reduce the electrical connections by 25% and wiring by 40 percent. This results in better visibility through the mast and enhanced reliability.

Auto Deceleration System: This system is able to help lessen operator fatigue, that in turn with promote improved efficiency. This is done by eliminating the need to apply the service break manually.

Thermal Management System: This system is responsible for enabling the lift truck to operate much cooler and longer by being able to always monitor component temperature and adjust forklift performance accordingly.

Smart-Glide Height Sensing System: This unique system offers step-less speed control technology. It does this by optimizing maximum travel speed at a variety of fork heights. This results in faster travel speeds, better acceleration and thus, increased productivity overall.

Quad & Tri Form Mast: Both the Quad and Tri mast provide great stability while also minimizing deflection.

One Hundred Eighty Degree Rotating Turret Head: This type of rotating turret head allow for easier service to both sides of the aisle. This set-up maximizes storage density.

Electronically Programmable Pantograph: This system would eliminate the "double-biting" situations that happen at pick up and deposit stations. The variable stroke length is responsible for stopping this time-consuming process.

It is vital to remember that each warehouse is different and there is no "typical" one-size fits all solution. Yale has engineered various forklift modifications to suit the always varying requirements of its clients as well as their varying tasks. Yale offers a large list of specific lift truck enhancements to increase the warehouse output. These features are provided together with optional and standard truck features.

Yale provide some features which are considered "extra's" by other manufacturers. Keeping operators totally comfortable and safe are several of the key priorities of the company. Yale knows that if operators are safe and comfortable, their production levels are really enhanced.

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