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Hyster Loaded Container Handlers

Hyster Loaded Container Handlers

In order to help prevent the requirement for expensive lift truck repairs, it is recommended to check the front end of your forklift regularly as part of your daily and even pre-shift examination. By catching any problems ahead of time or as they arise, you can also help avoid damage to any kind of loads as well. The following covers a few of the general guidelines on what specific stuff to inspect during frequent inspections of your material handling fleet.

Frequently checking the forks is vital because if these are worn out or cracked, they might fail without warning. Any kind of fork damage means that your lift truck should immediately be removed from service until it is safe and fixed once more. Visually inspect your forks for any noticeable signs of wear or damage. If the cracks run deeper than on the surface, replace them. Any wear on the forks beyond 10 percent is another sign that you should replace the forks.

Ideally, the mast must tilt back and forward and be able to smoothly move down and up. If you find that the sliding surfaces are binding, you might need to lubricate the mast strip sliding surfaces as well as their fittings. On the inner mast there is a fitting situated on each side. The lift bracket side rollers are a different lubrication point and there is also one on every side roller. When the lubricating has been done, lower and raise the mast and also tilt it forward and backward a few times in order to ensure that the lubricant is worked into the fittings properly.

Tilt Cylinders
Uncontrolled mast movement could be a result of oil leakage; therefore, your inspection should involve checking for oil leaks and for damage. Whether the leaks are external or are situated inside of the cylinder, the end result could be loss of fluid and cylinder drift. If there are any signs of leaks or damage, you might need to replace just the seals or the entire cylinder assembly.

The mast chains need to be inspected to see if they are being stretched beyond their acceptable limits. Additionally, inspect the chain wear guage or check the chains for signs of damage. If there is wear beyond 2 percent, replace the chain. Also replace it if the chain seems rusted or kinked. Both the sheave bearings and the chain rollers must also be inspected for signs of wear.

The mast lift chain would usually wear at the pin-to-link connections. You could experience chain failure if you discover wear. This could end up damaging front end parts or even the product. If you do not have time on hand to perform frequent fleet inspections or if you need help determining what precisely to check on your lift trucks, simply contact your local forklift dealer. Their trained service technicians would help your perform planned maintenance or PM inspections according to your scheduling and application needs.

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